Prod MBA is not “Just Another Course”.

We're doing things differently, without VC money and with an unshakeable focus on everything we teach being hands-on, actionable & accessible.

"Learning product is a scam. You pay $10,000 for a course just consisting of theoretical videos, or spend $60,000 on an MBA that is completely out-dated.

Instead, we don’t work with “famous” product leaders or in expensive classrooms. Everything is online, is focused on putting cutting-edge theory into practice & is designed to help you navigate the messy uncertainty of doing product in the real world.

380+ happy alumni later, all personally coached by me, shows we are doing something right.”

Fast-Track Your Path to Head of Product

We help Product Managers & Owners build a real product from zero to revenue, master a product playbook & fast-track their product career in the process
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