Prod MBA

Part-Time • 8 Weeks

⭐️   4.8/5 • 95% completion rate

Become a confident, effective product leader by building a real product from zero to revenue - and mastering your own product playbook in the process
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Fast-Track Your Path to Product Leadership

Our part-time, live product bootcamp is an immersive, 8-week learning experience. You'll take a learn-by-doing approach during live sessions with 20 Product Managers/Owners around the world.
During the bootcamp, you'll build a real product from scratch, putting cutting-edge frameworks, tools & principles into practice that you can apply in your day-to-day work.



Completion rate

Our learn-by-doing approach plus authentic, hands-on support means you are engaged from start to finish


Average Review

Unlike theoretical courses or books, we get you to experience what building products well is ACTUALLY like in the real world



Each cohort has 20 students in, so we can follow your individual journey & provide genuine support


A hands-on, actionable, modern curriculum

You need to understanding great theory, but to get real value, you need to put that theory into practice, in the real-world.

Product is messy & nuanced. That’s why everything we teach you is designed to be as hands-on & actionable as possible, so you are able to actually put it into practice, whether developing new - or improving existing - products in your day-to-day role.

Build a Real Product & Present As A Case Study

As well as mastering your own product playbook, to really internalise everything we teach, you will be building a product with real target customers, real users &, in many cases, real revenue.

You then present that process & the outcomes you achieved in a final case study in Week 8.

Part-Time · 8 weeks

Our Part-time Bootcamp is an immersive 10 weeks. You'll be joining 15 designers from around the world and jumping into live classes Monday and Wednesday.

This week, the focus is on rethinking what we think of as "product" work & addressing the biggest risk in product management. Specifically, we cover:

  • The Road Ahead
  • Intro to Week 1
  • Ideation Tactics
  • Time Management
  • What is “a Product”?!
  • Why Products Fail
  • Defining A Personal Vision
  • Picking Your Niche
  • Validate Your Niche
  • The Discovery Call
  • Recap & Assignment
  • Bonus Case Study: Stripe

  • Intro to Week 2
  • Leadership Starts With You
  • Leading Your Team
  • Leading With Vision
  • Leading With Influence: Storytelling
  • Pivot or Persist?
  • Recap & Assignment

  • Intro to Week 3
  • 3 Types of Product Risk
  • Define Your MVO
  • Differentiate Your MVO
  • Validating The MVO
  • Validate Your MVO
  • Recap & Assignment
  • Case Study: Blinkist & AJSmart
  • Bonus: Advanced Product Strategy Series

  • Intro to Week 4
  • Product Models
  • Revenue Models
  • The Strategic Roadmap
  • Lean Canvas
  • Iterating Your Offer
  • Recap & Assignment
  • Bonus: B2B v. B2C Product Management

  • Intro to Week 5
  • Smoke Testing
  • The Map
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid Validation
  • Recap & Assignment

  • Intro to Week 6
  • How To Build A Prototype
  • Lean Stakeholder Management
  • Advanced: No-Code Prototyping Options
  • Recap & Assignment

  • Intro to Week 7
  • The Product-Market Fit Engine
  • Recruiting Beta Testers
  • Testing Your Prototype
  • Measuring Your PMF Score
  • Iterating Your Solution
  • Recap & Assignment
  • Bonus: What is a “Core Value”?
  • Bonus: Jobs-To-Be-Done

  • Week 8 Intro
  • Reviewing The 4 Product Competencies
  • Case Study Prep
  • Example Case Studies
  • Congratulations!
  • Advanced: Building & Validating A Fully-Functional Prototype With Bubble
  • Bonus: CV & LinkedIn Optimisation Leveraging “The Hero’s Journey”
  • Bonus: Building Your Product Playbook

Week 8 culminates in a 30min Case Study presentation with Henry, where you will present everything you have done over the 8 weeks, from the problem you started with to your principles, process, vision, strategy, OKRs & each framework you used to deliver & communicate your key results


Learn-by-doing with a micro class of 20 PMs

Our product bootcamps are intense, hands-on & designed to get you out of your comfort zone. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy product people around the world. Every step of the way you'll receive support from your teacher, classmates & your weekly “squad”.

Live Sessions & Solo Work

Each week, you’ll be expected to get through video content, work on your real-world assignment & join our 2x live sessions. These live sessions are offered in two time slots to suit your time zone.
Beyond that, you’ll have 1:1s with the teachers & other students at whatever time suits your busy schedule.


Get Your Dream Product Role with a "Product Playbook"

If you're looking for a new role, the Case Study you present at the end of the programme is a powerful tool for getting your next dream role. We've had A LOT of students use this to get more senior roles by demonstrating they are comfortable with all aspects of product leadership.

In Week 8, you will present a final Case Study. This will cover your product principles, process, problem statement, vision, product strategy, OKRs, frameworks, storytelling & prototype.

These are all essential to demonstrating your competency as a confident, effective product leader.

You can download our template here.

During the Bootcamp, you'll learn how to make an amazing first impression & to pitch your product experience like a true product leader. Specifically, we cover how to:

  • Tell a compelling story about yourself
  • Supercharge your LinkedIn to get hired sooner
  • Demonstrate an effective product process
  • Offer advice on applying to the right product roles

Our Story

Prod MBA is not “just another course”

"Learning product is a scam. You pay $10,000 for a course just consisting of theoretical videos, or spend $60,000 on an MBA that is completely out-dated.

Instead, we don’t work with “famous” product leaders or in expensive classrooms.

Everything is online, is focused on putting cutting-edge theory into practice & is designed to help you navigate the messy uncertainty of doing product in the real world.

150 happy alumni later, all with zero funding, shows we are doing something right.”


Micro PM Class

Join a micro class of 20 PMs around the world

Effective learning comes from putting theory into practice, true. But also from the support & personalised advice of our product experts & your classmates.

Small cohorts mean we can provide careful, authentic support to help you get the most out of the bootcamp.

Bootcamp Alumni

Meet our Prod MBA Alumni

We're proud to work with aspiring product leaders, from founders to product leads, startups to corporates. We look for ambition & grit from bootcmap applicants, rather than years of experience.

"When my product actually generated revenue in Week 6, I realised how much I had progressed! I realised I was able to take something from start to finish in 6-8 weeks & achieve my initial goal of creating a revenue-generating product - whilst learning some new skills along the way."

"I used to really lack confidence in my role. Both in terms of how to have impact, but also how to take the next step in my career as a Product Owner. I am so much more confident since joining the programme! I even got a new role as a Growth PM. I’d never even thought of this as an option before, but I’m loving it!"

"The hands-on experience of actually bringing a real product to life was amazing. Fun & so useful for learning how I should approach existing products in my current role.

“Prod MBA's hands-on approach has really helped me grow as a product leader.”

“Prod MBA completely changed my mindset from just execution to being truly product-led.”

"I loved the mixture of independent study & live tutorials. Really helps the learning process."

"Great product frameworks. All easily accessible in Miro & super actionable in my product work."

"Prod MBA is a well-organised step-by-step process. You know what you need to do, when - and why."

"I loved the community supporting you on your product journey."

"I loved that it pushed me to change my mindset to understand my target customer and deliver value to them in a more effective way."

"Mixing individual progress with the outcomes up to you, with the support & accountability of the cohort was awesome. I always felt we were helping each other & providing feedback when needed."

“Before Prod MBA, even as a Head of Product I used to try to do too much & lacked a clear strategy to deliver value to customers & to the business. I've since used the MVO framework to completely realign my company around a billion dollar idea.”


Transparent and flexible payment plans

Unlike other courses who hide their prices, we are totally transparent with our online Bootcamp pricing & try to be as accessible & affordable as possible.

Next Bootcamp

Filling up fast!

Our Bootcamps tend to fill up pretty quickly which is why we open up months in advance. And we purposefully limit class sizes to 10 PMs to ensure each bootcamp offers a personal learning experience.


Got a question about our Bootcamp?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime. Jump on a quick zoom

Not necessarily, although we only take on less experienced applicants if they show grit, determination & strong product potential.

Each bootcamp has 20 students. A small group means accountability, genuine support & a strong bond with your cohort.

Quite simply, our focus on hands-on, actionable learning. Great theory is an essential foundation, but real experience is only built in the real world. That's why we get you to build a real product with real users and, potentially, real customers.

Yes, although this should never be the reason to join the programme. You will become a great product leader through experience & getting out of your comfort zone, not adding endless certifications to your CV.

Fast-Track Your Path to Head of Product

We help Product Managers & Owners build a real product from zero to revenue, master a product playbook & to be confident walking into ANY interview for the rest of their career
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