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Get your dream product leadership role within 4-6 weeks by learning how to master any interview with complete confidence & our hands-on support
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No Success? You Don't Pay.

Most product people are TERRIBLE at pitching themselves. Instead, we will teach you how to project confidence & leadership from the first moment of any interview - and how to take control of ANY interview you find yourself in for the rest of your career.

Our success depends on your success, so we are committed every step of the way. We do charge an upfront fee, but the main cost of the programme is ONLY paid once you've got your dream job.

That means we offer authentic, effective support & will push you top put our proven process for interview success into practice, whether that be through our weekly 1:1s, the group coaching sessions or when you talk to us about a role you're interested in.


Success Rate

Over 90% of our clients get their dream role within 6 weeks of starting the coaching programme.


Average Salary Increase

Those who get a role tend to see a 25% or more increase in salary, due to the leadership & strategy skills we help them develop.



We only accept a maximum of 5 new clients per week, so we can provide effective, hands-on coaching to all our clients.


A hands-on, proven process for interview success

Our programme is designed to get you to put theory into practice. Each week, you will be building towards a REAL interview with a REAL recruiter, starting with building the right foundations for career success, all the way through to specific tactics for addressing different product interview questions.

Part-Time · Flexible Schedule

Our Part-time Bootcamp is modular, so you can move as quickly as suits your schedule. Usually we suggest taking 6 weeks, working on 1 module per week. Some have completed the programme & got a new role within 2-3 weeks!

This week, twe'll focus on building the right foundations - vision & your unique strategy - starting with:

  • Beliefs
  • Building Confidence
  • Defining Your Dream Role
  • Assignment & 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Intro
  • Taking account of yourself as a product
  • The Product Scorecard Intro Video
  • Assignment & 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Intro
  • My Story
  • Targeting
  • Crafting your Hero’s Journey
  • Your CV
  • CV Success Stories
  • Assignment & 1:1 Coaching Session
  • Bonus: Body Language Tips
  • Bonus: Using Resumonk To Personalise Your CV

  • Intro
  • Define Your ICPs
  • Positioning & LinkedIn Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Build Your Network
  • Assignment & 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Intro
  • Making a Great First Impression
  • How To Demonstrate Strategic Thinking
  • How To Demonstrate Product Process
  • How To Demonstrate Leadership
  • Assignment & 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Intro
  • Revisiting Your Vision
  • Interview Prep
  • Booking Your Interview
  • Recap
  • Next Steps & Final Coaching Call


Master The Interview Process

Our Career Accelerator is intense & designed to push you out of your comfort zone so you can become confident & effective not just in interviewing, but with your career.

Each week, you’ll be expected to get through video content, complete the assignment & then work on the assignment during a coaching 1:1.
Beyond that, you'll have 24/7 access to our coaches through our Slack community & our weekly, live Q&A sessions.

Our Coaches

We've Been There Before

"We see so many b**lshit career coaches out there who have never even worked in product! We do things differently: Only teaching what we know works, from personal experience.

I've personally coached hundreds of PMs at companies like Paypal & Hubspot to their dream role. I also went from Senior PM to Head of Product in under 2 years myself (using many of the tactics we now teach) & am a Keynote speaker at Mind the Product.

Henry, our other coach, has a similar track record: Coaching over 150+ PMs, hacking his way to Head of Product within 3 years & successfully bootstrapping 2 companies.

Book a quick call with us if you have any questions? 70% of our clients do this before applying:


Bootcamp Alumni

Meet our Career Accelerator Alumni

We're proud to work with aspiring product leaders, from founders to product leads, startups to corporates. We look for ambition & grit from bootcamp applicants, rather than years of experience.

"Henry, I started my new job recently. I increased my salary by 30%, beat 100 applicants to the role (including many PhDs!) & am really happy in the role. I'm now THE one who shifts the focus from execution to strategy."

"Ross' experience & knowledge were an invaluable resource to help me grow professionally & have a smooth transition into product - and beyond to a leadership role!"

"The course really made me realise what I'm looking for in my dream role, and it gaves me the tools to get there... I'd be floundering if it wasn't for the course.

Next Bootcamp

Filling up fast!

Our Bootcamps tend to fill up pretty quickly, as we purposefully limit ourselves to 5 new clients each week to ensure we don't compromise on a high-value, hands-on & personal experience.


Got a question about our Bootcamp?

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime. Jump on a quick zoom

We typically work with Product Managers (Mid & Senior), Product Owners & even Product Directors. This works because of the hands-on support & coaching, that means we can tailor content to your specific next career goal.

We try to keep these sessions small (under 10 people), so every student can have input into the session.

A few things: Firstly, we only charge 70% of the cost once you get your dream role. Secondly, all the tactics we teach work (both with 90% of our clients & from our own experience). Finally, we aren't recruiters. We are product people that feel you deserve the RIGHT role, meaning we put in the time & effort to make it happen.

The schedule is flexible, so you can take as much time as you want. We recommend 5 hours per week, focusing on 1 module per week for 6 weeks.

Remember though, "I don't have enough time" is a choice. If you can't prioritise your own career development, then that is a problem, as you might find yourself stuck in the same position 5 years from now.

Your Dream Product Role

We help Product Managers & Owners get their dream product leadership role within 4-6 weeks by learning how to master any interview with complete confidence & our hands-on support
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