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Prod MBA is the leading bootcamp for Product Managers/Owners & Founders to fast-track their path to effective product leadership.

Unlike other bootcamps, we don't just focus on theory, Instead, we get you to build a real product from zero to revenue. In the process, you'll become a Future Builder: Someone who can build real-world products that will shape the future.

We guarantee you success - or you get 100% of your money back.

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Fast-Track Your Path to Head of Product (Or Get Your Money Back)

Unlike other overly-theoretical courses (...Product School & Reforge, anyone? 🙄 ), we focus on what really matters:

Hands-on, actionable training in small cohorts to help you master product & take control of your career in the real world.

We're so confident in our approach, that we offer 100% of your money back at ANY time if you're not satisfied.

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Prod MBA

Part-Time • 8 weeks

Become a confident, effective product leader by building a REAL product from zero to revenue:

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Part-Time • 4 weeks

Stay ahead of the AI curve & automate 30% of your weekly product work

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Put Theory Into Practice.

To become an effective, confident product leader, theory is not enough. By building a real, revenue-generating product, you gain the confidence & an adaptable product playbook to have huge impact in ANY role & on any product you work on.


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Advance Your Product Career with Industry Experts

Most Bootcamps are run by full-time “coaches” with zero real-world experience, or PMs from Google or Facebook who have no idea how 95% of product companies operate.

We are all real-world product leaders who have a track record of results, whether that be successully building profitable businesses, or managing product organisations.

Henry Latham

Founder • Coach

Ross Webb

Coach • Product Director, Amazon

Antonia Landi

Head of Community • Product Ops

Learn How to Build The Future

Our hands-on bootcamps have been proven to fast-track any product career, whether your goal be promotion, a new role, or to become a confident, effective product leader:
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