Fast-track your path to Head of Product

We help Product Managers & Owners build a real product from zero to revenue, master a product playbook & to be confident walking into their dream role interview within 8 weeks
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Our students come from diverse product backgrounds (or no product background at all), including some of the best companies around:


Take control of your product career

Our live, exclusive bootcamps ared focused on hands-on, actionable training to help your master product & fast-track your career in the real world

⭐️ 4.8/5 • 95% completion rate

Prod MBA

Part-Time • 8 weeks

Master your own product playbook & build a real product

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⭐️   4.9/5 • 90% get a new role

Career Accelerator

Part-Time • 6 weeks

Get your dream role within 6 weeks

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Become a confident, effective product leader



Learn-by-doing with a micro class of product people

Prod MBA is a part-time bootcamp to help you master your own product playbook by building a real product, with live coaching, fun group sessions & career support



Why master product with Prod MBA?


Completion rate

Our learn-by-doing approach plus authentic, hands-on support means you are engaged from start to finish


Average Rating

Unlike theoretical courses or books, we get you to experience what building products well is really like in the real world



We only run 4 cohorts per year, but we’ve had success with over 150 aspiring product leaders



Each cohort has only 20 students in, so you get genuine, hands-on support & coaching


Hands-on Bootcamp

No other bootcamp can boast that you put everything you learn into practice in the real-world, building a real product



The main goal of our bootcamps is to ensure you are confident & effective in applying everything we teach

Dream Job


The product playbook you present after the 8 weeks is a secret weapon when interviewing for senior roles



We're fully bootstrapped and take pride in putting the customer first (rather than investors)

Bootcamp Alumni

Meet our Prod MBA Alumni

We're proud to work with aspiring product leaders, from founders to product leads, startups to corporates. We look for ambition & grit from bootcmap applicants, rather than years of experience

""When my product actually generated revenue in Week 6, I realised how much I had progressed! I realised I was able to take something from start to finish in 6-8 weeks & achieve my initial goal of creating a revenue-generating product - whilst learning some new skills along the way.""

"I used to really lack confidence in my role. Both in terms of how to have impact, but also how to take the next step in my career as a Product Owner. I am so much more confident since joining the programme! I even got a new role as a Growth PM. I’d never even thought of this as an option before, but I’m loving it!"

"The hands-on experience of actually bringing a real product to life was amazing. Fun & so useful for learning how I should approach existing products in my current role.

“Prod MBA's hands-on approach has really helped me grow as a product leader.”

“Prod MBA completely changed my mindset from just execution to being truly product-led.”

"I loved the mixture of independent study & live tutorials. Really helps the learning process."

"“Great product frameworks. All easily accessible in Miro & super actionable in my product work."

"Prod MBA is a well-organised step-by-step process. You know what you need to do, when - and why."

"I loved the community supporting you on your product journey."

"I loved that it pushed me to change my mindset to understand my target customer and deliver value to them in a more effective way."

"Mixing individual progress with the outcomes up to you, with the support & accountability of the cohort was awesome. I always felt we were helping each other & providing feedback when needed."

“Before Prod MBA, even as a Head of Product I used to try to do too much & lacked a clear strategy to deliver value to customers & to the business. I've since used the MVO framework to completely realign my company around a billion dollar idea.”


Advance your product career with industry experts

Most Bootcamps are run by full-time “coaches” with zero real-world experience, or PMs from Google or Facebook who have no idea how 95% of product companies operate.

We are all real-world product leaders who have a track record of results.

Henry Latham

Founder • Product Coach

Ross Webb

Founder • Product Coach

Antonia Landi

Head of Community

Our Story

Prod MBA is not “just another course”

We're doing things differently, without VC money and with a ruthless focus on everything we teach being hands-on, actionable & accessible

"Learning product is a scam. You pay $10,000 for a course just consisting of theoretical videos, or spend $60,000 on an MBA that is completely out-dated.

Instead, we don’t work with “famous” product leaders or in expensive classrooms. Everything is online, is focused on putting cutting-edge theory into practice & is designed to help you navigate the messy uncertainty of doing product in the real world.

150 happy alumni later, with zero funding, shows we are doing something right.”

Book a quick call with me if you have any questions? Most students do this before enrolling:”


Fast-Track Your Path to Head of Product

We help Product Managers & Owners build a real product from zero to revenue, master a product playbook & fast-track their product career in the process
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